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Paeonies are very collectable plants. They do ask some patience but after a few years they will reward you for waiting .
There is a endless list of available cultivars and selections but the many books on Paeonies are good guidelines when you wonder what to buy.
Below you find a list of classic and rare paeonies. Most of these are limited available and its advisable to telephone before your visit and ask for their availability .The sale of paeonies starts at the beginning of October and ends when stock is finished.

daurica Single pink, grey foliage.
delavayi Red treepaeony from Tibet, beautiful foliage, 150cm.
'Claire de Lune' (P. mlokosewitschii cultivar) Single yellow Early flowering season, solid plant.
'Early Windflower' (emodi cultivar) Double dark Bordeaux.
lactiflora ‘Adolphe Rousseau’ Purple-ish red, solid plant.
lactiflora ‘Bunker Hill’ Purple-ish red, solid plant.
lactiflora ‘Festiva Maxima’ Double white, centre marked with red.
lactiflora ‘Jan Van Leeuwen’ Middle-sized flowers with eye-catching yellow anthers. Early flowering, solid plant..
lactiflora ‘Kansas’ extra large solid pale Bordeaux.
lactiflora ‘Madame Calot’ Starting light pink but turns more whitish as the flower matures early flowering solid perfect plant.
lactiflora ‘Madame Claude Tain’ Pure white
lactiflora ‘Sarah bernhardt’ Deep pink, late flowering, very abundant.
lactiflora ‘Suruga’ Single Bordeaux
lactiflora ‘Shirley temple’ Starting light pink but turns more whitish as the flower matures, solid plant
lactiflora ‘White Wings’ Small single white flowers
lactiflora ‘Whitleyi Major’ Extra large single white flowers
lutea Wild, single yellow treepaeony from Tibet
mascula ssp. mascula Wild, Early flowering single pink ,Originating in NE Turkey.
mollis Single pink ,grey foliage
officinalis ‘Alba Plena’ Double white Early flowering
officinalis ‘China Rose’ Single pink up to 120cm.
officinalis ‘Crimson Globe’ Carmine red single large flowered peregrina hybrid
officinalis ‘J.C. Weguelin’ Carmine red single large flowered.
officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’ Double deep pink, Early flowering
peregrina Single pink/red, with green foliage
wittmanniana ‘Avant Garde’ Soft yellow single flowers early flowering most vigorous among the P. wittmanniana hybrids.
wittmanniana ‘Le Printemps’ Creamyellow single flowers , early flowering . Marvelous foliage.